Government Overreach into Church Business: Where is the Outcry This Time?

There is a funny thing today on the North Carolina Primary ballot — besides the ballot still listing Republican presidential candidates that are no longer running (New Gingrich and Rick Santorum). I wonder if they left them on there on purpose to dilute the anti-Romney vote Ron Paul would dominate. Then again, most voters probably don’t even know Gingrich and Santorum dropped out.

Anyway, there is a proposal to amend the NC Constitution to ban marriage between anything but a man and a woman. Regardless of how you feel about gay marriage, you have to understand that marriage is a religious doctrine. It has nothing to do with government. Marriage is church business. The government should stay out of church business. If there is a church that wants to marry a gay couple, then that is the church’s prerogative. If you don’t like it, don’t join that particular religion.

The hypocrisy of the religious crowd really puts the icing on the cake. They were up in arms when ObamaCare was going to force the church to fund abortion, something that is against their religion. How dare the government step in and try to tell the church what to do? That was just not acceptable and they would have no part of it. Fast forward a few months and the government is yet again stepping in and trying to tell the church what to do. But this time the church agrees with the government’s position, so that suddenly makes it OK for the government to tell them what to do now? Instead of protesting more government involvement in church decisions, they are proudly backing the intrusion.

Does anyone possess the capacity to see beyond the façade and contemplate the underlying issue behind the rhetoric? Apparently not enough of us to make a difference, at least in North Carolina.

Rush Limbaugh is Back on the Oxy

Flipping through the radio today, I happened to catch Rush Limbaugh discussing trashing, Ron Paul.

Rushed used his “fat baby” voice to try and mimic Ron Paul. It was hilarious to hear his attack because it was about as weak as El Rushbo’s sex drive after he’s OD’ed on OxyContin for the 365th consecutive night.

Rush is upset because Ron Paul wants to end the perpetual neocon war agenda. How dare Ron Paul suggest that we leave Iran alone until they become a clear and present danger? After all, they are trying to make a nuclear weapon! Guess what kids, let’s for half a minute pretend YOU are Iran. You are surrounded by countries with nuclear weapons, countries that could wipe you and your people off the planet in a moment’s notice. Wouldn’t you like to have your own nuclear weapon as a deterrent? I sure as shit would.

Let’s dumb it down for the publicly educated majority. Suppose you live in a neighborhood where everyone has a shotgun to defend their home – everyone but you. You have a baseball bat. Do you feel safe? Wouldn’t you like to have a shotgun as well? If an informed burglar is planning a home invasion in your neighborhood, do you think he is going to the house with a shotgun or the house with a bat? In all likelihood, he will bring his own shotgun to your house, and while your bat splinters into one thousand pieces, his 00 buck shot will be put you on your ass.

Ok, so Iran got their nuke. Are they really stupid enough to send it over to Israel? What would happen if they did? Israel might launch one or all of their 300 nukes right back at Iran, ensuring that no one in Iran is left alive. Even Hitler wasn’t this stupid. As crazy and extreme as dictators can be, at the end of the day they want to live, too.

El Rushbo should crawl back behind his gold plated EIB microphone and resume snorting crushed up Oxy pills. Maybe he can share with Hannity.

NPR Spin Zone

On the drive home from work today, I heard the NPR spin on the debate last night.  They homed in on the criticism Ron Paul had of Rick Perry’s executive order requiring all 12 year old girls to get a HPV (gardasil) vaccine.  The NPR segment was trying to gauge the “truth” of the arguments.

For those that missed the debate, Ron Paul criticized Rick Perry for signing an executive order requiring 12 year old girls to get a vaccination against an STD.  In the NPR sound bite, Ron Paul stated it “was not good medicine”.  They went on to say that the CDC states that the vaccination is good and can prevent cancer.

What they neglected to report was the core of Ron Paul’s argument, which was not whether the vaccination can prevent cancer caused by HPV, but the fact that Rick Perry used an executive order to try and force the vaccination on young girls.  Even the other Republican candidates last night did not get the jist of the argument.  Sure, it takes away the parent’s right to decide what medicines their child takes, which is an excellent point.  But the bigger point is he used an executive order to do so!

Anyone with a basic knowledge of government (this excludes anyone educated at a public school), knows that the separation of powers as dictated by the United States Constitution (and state constitutions), gives the power of legislation to the legislative branch.  Allowing the executive branch to write laws is not only unconstitutional, but downright tyrannical.  You really have legislation with absolutely zero representation!

Luckily, the Texas congress was able to over rule the executive order and prevent it from becoming law, but the point Ron Paul was making is not only is the vaccination being forced on little girls without the consent of their parents, it doesn’t even have the consent of the parent’s representatives, the legislature!

NPR spun it with the sound bite, “it’s not good medicine,” and tried to make Ron Paul’s argument seem ridiculous because here he was, a medical doctor, going against the CDC who said the vaccination helped prevent cancer.

Everyone who neglected to watch the debate, but caught the talking points today, is left with the impression that Ron Paul is a kook.  The lame stream media on both sides literally exists to prop up the establishment in any way they can, including outright deceit.